July Fishing Blog

July Fishing means one word – HOT; and I don’t mean the bite, I mean the temp. It’s been feeling like 100 degrees each day on the water.   

Unfortunately, the weed lines and Mahi haven’t shown up yet in any numbers, so we have been left with the nearshore fishing. The main targets are blackfin tuna, bonito and big sharks. The typical day starts off deploying a trolling spread of small lures and daisy chains, spoons etc. in an attempt to catch a variety of these tuna species. After folks have had their fill of these catches we will stop the boat and begin to chum the bonito to bring in the sharks. It’s cool to basically hand feed these sharks and you can select the one you want to catch and pitch it a bait on a heavy setup and it’s tug of war time. We simply cut the leader right at the sharks mouth and never attempt to remove the fish from the water, much like sailfish.

The other bet is to try king fishing in a bit shallower with big live baits (blue runners and goggle eyes) on wire stinger rigs or to troll planers and spoons around from 75-130 feet. There are some nice sized kings around, as we had a 33 pound fish take grand prize in the Fish for Hope KDW just 2 weeks ago, netting us a $12K trip to Costa Rica.

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