June Fishing Blog

June fishing can be hit or miss. The weather pattern typically consists of hot days with clam seas and thunderstorms in the afternoons. Don’t forget about the fact that we have a lot of daylight now and it’s still somewhat daytime till about 9PM, so don’t be afraid to run out after the PM thunderstorms for a quick late night bite. The low light conditions should have good blackfin tuna action. Trolling small feathers and lures way back in your spread should result in school “football” fish up to 20 pounds.  

While trolling, deploy some blue and white skirts over ballyhoo to target the mahi schools. When you hook a fish, don’t be afraid to chum the waters and try to bring the school to you. Another overlooked factor is that the BIG mahi stay under the school fish, so take that large live bait and drop that under everything on some weight and see what happens.

Kingfish should still be around for the majority of the morning. Slow trolling live baits around with a wire trace will lead to kingfish hookups. Another tactic is trolling a planer with a shiny spoon around in search of the kingfish schools, it’s a charter boat secret. 

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