May Fishing Blog

May means two things, kingfish and mahi-mahi season is underway. It’s nice to have the option to target either species. If the seas look calm or we have had a few days of east winds, then Mahi should be on your mind. Head out early off shore and search for “something” – meaning anything that is different. Weed line, color changes, rip lines or floating structure or debris will hold mahi-mahi. The best bet is to troll around the area until a fish is hooked, then, deploy some chum and try to get the school up to the boat. 

If its smoker kingfish you’re after, then stay shallow and fish structure, drop offs and wrecks. Slow trolling live baits will produce strikes. The baits of choice are goggle eyes, blue runners, or sardines. We fish these on a stinger setup, with 20 pound main line, to a small 50 pound spro swivel, then 6-10 feet of 40 pound fluorocarbon to a 6” section of #6 single strand wire, haywire twisted to a 2/0-3/0 live bait hook, then 5-6 more inches of the same wire to a tiny #6 treble hook as the stinger. 

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