April Fishing Blog

The later part of March into early April means two things, KINGFISH AND MAHI. The kingfish will begin their migration through SE Florida in April and the start of the kingfish tournament season begins for the area. Slow trolling blue runners and goggle eyes will produce fish into the 50 pound range – an absolute blast on 20 pound test! 

Mahi Mahi will also begin their spring migration a little deeper than the kingfish are. Running offshore 5-10 miles is common while looking for a weed line to troll. Once a rip line or weed line is found it’s common to troll a mix of lures and dead bait (commonly ballyhoo) around the area until the schools of Mahi are located. Once they’re hooked, they tend to swarm together so the mates will start to throw “chum” into the water which is usually cut up squid, bonito, or sardines until the school shows up at the boat and we can then pitch light spinning outfits to them with cut bait and keep a school of fish around the boat for over an hour in some instances.

There are still a good number of sailfish in the area being caught while live bait fishing. While the wintertime pods are thinning out, customers are catching an average of 1-3 fish per trip.

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