September Fishing Blog

Fishing throughout the month of August can be summed up by one word - Mahi! The seas have remained very calm, making it easy for all size boats to run offshore and locate weed lines and rip lines to locate these fish. 

The method we are using is very simple. First, we are running offshore until we find a good temp change, current change or weed line. Second, we will deploy a dredge and teasers or a trolling spread of ballyhoo. Next, we will troll these lines until we locate the mahi school. Finally, when we locate the schools we will stop the boat and start to chum these fish up with cut bonito or squid pieces and pitch 12-15 and 20 pound class spinning rods to these fish and load up the boat.  

Customers are having a blast catching lots of dolphin and then having the marina chefs cook their catch. They two customer favorites are dolphin fingers dipped in tarter and cocktail sauce followed by a blackened dolphin sandwich... Delicious!!!

We still see a good number of sailfish around and when we are live bait fishing with goggle eyes around 130-150 feet Juno and Jupiter and the huge schools are off Stuart and FTP. On charters, we’re seeing 1 or 2 sailfish per day, even though it’s not the season.

Be sure to check out our website gallery for some recent pictures of dolphin, wahoo and other species caught in the last few weeks on our charters.

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