June Fishing Blog

Fishing in May was exciting. There has been quite a bit of action throughout the whole month with large schools of Kingfish and Dolphin making their way through the Palm Beach area. With the fair amount of windy days we have had, kite fishing was the go-to method and it produced day in and day out. We flew 2 kites, each with two baits – a goggle eye and a threadfin while fishing 2-3 lines off the backside with weights to cover the whole water column. We produced very good numbers of dolphin almost every trip with a good mix of kingfish, sailfish and blackfin tunas.

There is also a nice mix of smaller blackfin tuna, bonito and skipjack tunas from 200-300 feet of water. You can make it a very action packed day trolling around small lures like tuna feathers and dart/jet head or chugger lures. Multiple hookups are very common. When you find the fish, keep circling around and keep trolling lines once you get a hookup to try to hook more fish.

The inshore fishing around the inlets and beaches continues to produce good size jacks and barracudas with a nice pod of tarpon making a show the last few weeks. One lucky customer hooked a 130 pound tarpon and battled it for about 40 minutes before cleanly releasing the fish boat side. Large fresh blue runners and goggle eyes are getting the attention from the big fish inshore.

The Action in June should continue to be hot as the bonito and skipjack move through along with dolphin schools. If the live bait bite is slow, get to the troll with small lures for some steady rod bending action.

For any rigging questions, help learning leaders, knots, methods or to just learn more tagging along on our fishing trips, please contact Capt. Mike directly at 781-771-7977 oranglermanagementfishing@gmail.com