May Fishing Blog

Fishing through the later part of April into May has been quite an event. The winds and seas have been different every day it seems. When it’s like this it’s hard to put a pattern together. We have been seeing a good mix of kingfish inside the 100 foot line. The fish are school size with the bigger ones in the 30 pound class. We are taking these fish on live runners and goggle eyes under the kite and on the live bait rigs placed throughout the water column. The bottom fishing has been good also with some nice mutton snappers in the mix in about 90 feet just north of Palm Beach. Dolphin fishing is like a switch, on one day and off the next. We are seeing dolphin still in school size with many fish being barely legal, which we release back to the water. The bigger dolphins just aren’t in the area yet.

Sailfish action is slowing down but we are still catching an average of 2 fish per day. The action seems to be really shallow with a lot of bites in the 60-80 foot range off Palm Beach and Jupiter. The kite has been yielding the majority of the bites with fresh goggle eyes.

With the seas being funny, it may be beneficial to do some trolling. We are using a mix of small lures like the zuker or small black bart and rigged ballyhoo with an island lure on top in blue and white. Pulling a nice spread around in 300-400 feet just may prove to get the bite you wanted… you never know when that marlin is around and you just may drag a bait by him.

Remember to change your mono on your reels and service your reels every year at least once. It’s a bad feeling to lose a nice fish due to a line break or reel failure.

For any rigging questions, help learning leaders, knots, methods or to just learn more tagging along on our fishing trips, please contact Capt. Mike directly at 781-771-7977

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